What we offer

Members meet up once a week to paint, learn and generally socialise at a local venue.

The first and most obvious benefit of becoming a member of the H.A.S. is the pleasure of being with other people who share your love of art. The group is warm and welcoming to new members and we’re sure you’ll make lots of new friends.

For a couple of hours each Friday (7-9pm) you can relax and enjoy the pleasures of your hobby with no interruptions – apart from a break for tea and biscuits!

Most members bring a piece of work along with them and simply paint! Others sometimes group together to share their individual skills with one another. There’s always someone to help out a beginner.

  • Professional Demonstrations
    Throughout the year, we have various professional artists in attendance to demonstrate their skills right before your eyes! These are extremely popular and are always very well attended.
  • Exhibitions
    We organise a number of exhibitions each year, giving you the opportunity to promote and sell your work to the public.
  • Weekly Raffle
    Every Friday we have a raffle (tickets 20p) and there’s always a great prize to be won.
  • Potato Pie Supper
    A great evening enjoyed by all.
  • Inter-club activities
    Now and then we’ll enjoy the company of members from other local clubs.
  • Christmas Buffet
    Always the last event of the year.

So, no matter what your age, no matter whether your an experienced artist or an absolute beginner, there’s something for you at the club!